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The KN95 Is Just a respiratory materials covid mask standard that Blockers 9-5 percentage of particulate matter larger than 0.3 microns. Heal PM 2.5, air borne germs, germs, bacteria, and poisonous substances, stop your wellness!

That’s also our brand new package pack, every confront shield (respirator) Uses a separate packaging backpack and a personal tote, and it’s fantastic to sustain it blank. Now that the habit specs of China are quite rigid, our fresh bags published as per their needs; we must conform to these conditions to spread legally or smoothly. I must say thus, by China traditions requirements. This KN95 mask for the typical usages, not to get proficient hospital medical practioners , professional medical masks need 7-day infra red sterilization, these kinds of covers don’t go overly high priced. However, the material we utilize will be still the very same, the more PFE(particle filter effect ) and BFE(Bacterial filtration efficacy ) are all the very same outstanding, and the KN95 common has passed.

The material of our KN95 mask
This covid mask created From excellent good quality, thick 5-ply stuff
• The outer part is a preventive coating which clogs water and also is far stronger than the other people.

• The inner center utilized for hurdles and venting would be the melt-blown cloth surface area; so to guarantee high filtering performance, we use the maximum important filtering amount.

• A warm air-through nonwoven fabric coating is more soft, easy to the touch, stay warm, prevent humidity, or enhance wear comfort.

• The fourth layer is a new-gen PTFE nano material, with massively substantial filter productivity.

• The inner region is really a non-woven moisturizing fabric that absorbs moisture from the mouth and nose and keeps the outside moist or dry.

This KN95 mask Uses quite better quality. Consequently the filtration grade is very good and the inhaling resistance is diminished, an evaluation data ran well, but also the test specification passed.